About Us

In the world of publishing erotica has taken on a new direction and with retailers such as Amazon, iBookstore, Google Books and Kobo (just to name a few) really cracking down on a books content is it any wonder?

Some may have once viewed erotic fiction as shocking, shameful reads covering topics such as rape, incest and even bestiality – all of which are now banned from said retailers – but today’s mainstream erotic fiction is designed to titillate and excite.

So what can you expect from erotica nowadays? Well you won’t be reading for too long until you reach your first piece of action and with such detailed wording you almost feel as if you’re in the room witnessing all the action for yourself. This won’t be the only action you’ll read either, in fact your mind will be blown away by the amount of foreplay, sex, possibly even the amount of people involved and not forgetting the odd swear word thrown in for good measure – all carefully chosen to set your pulse racing. Yes, erotic fiction is unlikely to be for the faint-hearted but it will certainly be enjoyable!

If the above sounds like your idea of a cosy night in then we have plenty of books for you to discover.

If you love putting pen to paper and rocking the socks off of others then look no further.


All of our books are available worldwide for instant download from all reputable retailers with a select number also available in paperback.