Please send all submissions to

Leave your hard work in our safe hands and we’ll ensure that it’s available for purchase from all reputable online retailers and libraries worldwide. Once your book has sold one copy you’ll receive a detailed monthly sales report as well as monthly payments (subject to a £50 payment threshold). We’ll also design your cover free of charge to tie in with our distinctive House of Erotica branding.


Call for submissions

All genres (as long as they do not break any of our rules listed below) under 10k words for single and group eBook release as well as free audio conversion.


How do I submit?

Drop an email to with your full, finished manuscript (which should have been edited and checked for spelling and grammatical errors by you or someone you trust). You are welcome to send us either a word document or a pdf at this stage, although please note that if we accept your submission we will require a .doc version of it to work with. Within the email you should also include your pen name, a bit about yourself and a brief description of the story you are submitting.


We look forward to hearing from you soon x



The sub-genre of your book can be anything you like as long as it doesn’t tick any of our ‘big no-nos’ below:

–          Under age sex

–          Incest – (including step-sibling, step-parents and distant relatives)

–          Rape / non-consensual sex

–          Recreational use of illegal drugs, or misuse of legal prescriptions

–          Bestiality (however we can accept shape-shifters such as werewolves)

–          Urination, defecation and vomiting in a sexual context

–          Necrophilia