We are happy to review erotic submissions of all lengths and sub-genres as long as they do not enter the realms of our banned categories – please see below. We operate a no upfront fee publishing method, please contact us for more information.

If you would like to submit your work then please send an email with the complete finished manuscript as a PDF or word document, along with a brief synopsis and a little about you to


Calls for submissions

06.01.19 – We’re currently looking for stories under 10k words for release as audiobook and eBook, particularly those written from a male point of view.


By signing your works with us you can expect the following:

– No up front fees or hidden costs
– House of Erotica branded cover design
– Worldwide eBook publication
– Audiobook conversion narrated and produced by skilled professionals
– 50 / 50 income split


Banned content.
–          Under age sex
–          Incest – (including step-sibling, step-parents and distant relatives)
–          Rape / non-consensual sex
–          Recreational use of illegal drugs, or misuse of legal prescriptions
–          Bestiality (however we can accept shape-shifters such as werewolves)
–          Urination, defecation and vomiting in a sexual context
–          Necrophilia