A Dose of Murder, Mystery and Mayhem

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    Come join us for some murder, mystery and mayhem. Walk through many different styles of mystery all warmed up with a hint of the erotic.

    Selfies – Michael Bracken
    When a slender blonde asks questions about photographs he took of her mother, private eye Carl Flock revisits his past as a divorce attorney’s camera-slinging hired peeper in “Selfies.”

    Ghost in the Image – P.R. Chase
    The first of P. R. Chase’s short stories featuring Emily Thorpe, the resourceful and inquisitive leader of a paranormal investigation team in Victorian-age London. Her unique sensitivity to exokinetic energy leads her down the streets of London and the passages of her memories as she frees a haunting spirit–residing within her.

    Share the Wealth – Albert Tucher
    When a suburban prostitute loses her professional detachment with a client, and he becomes the suspect in his wife’s murder, what else can she do but investigate the case in her own unique way?

    Phoenix Rising – Casey Pascal
    Lily Phoenix is a brilliant young agent working for The Bureau with a reputation for getting the job done. She’s also beautiful and in demand for assignments in the company of the city’s industrial and scientific greats. Despite having seen more of the dark under-belly of society than the majority of those she protects, her focus on work has left little room for her to gain experience of life. That same lack of experience has given her imagination the freedom to wonder what she might be missing. When an audacious crime is committed at The Society of Scientific Enquiry’s annual dinner, Phoenix instinctively moves into action, but as the situation strays into the realm usually only inhabited by her wildest fantasies, she is forced to decide between her duty and her desire.

    No More Tears – Logan Zachary
    There are more things than steam and sweat in the locker room today. After a fight that leads to a death in at the fitness center, tensions are high as ex-partners argue about … shampoo. Detective Joe DeCarlo is having a bad day, and his workout is doing little to de-stress him. Paavo Wolfe is trying to help him clean up his act and solve the crime in the shower room. But someone is dead and another person has forgotten to buy the shampoo, but there will be No More Tears in the locker room.

    Swapping Surveillance – Edmond Fumki
    A beautiful lady private detective considers her life and career while sitting in the company car waiting for the suspect that she is to follow to appear. When he does, his trail leads her into a life changing situation of humiliation and pleasure.

    The Missing Piece – Morrigan Cox
    Lillian was used to having her heart broken. But she wasn’t used to being needy. Not in front of Dexter Drummond. She has a past with the Private Dick and it’s not a pretty one. He wanted a life in law more than he wanted her, and now she’s forced to go to him for help… with her husband. It’s an old crutch for her, but she’s desperate enough to try even if it only twists the knife of betrayal deeper in her gut. Just when she thinks it couldn’t get any worse, there’s an offer of help from another part of her past. Santoro Giulietta has always been the extra wheel in her past with Dexter. The man with eyes darker than her troubles and a mouth as dirty as it is talented. She doesn’t want his help, but sometimes what you need and what you want get mixed up and you end up looking for the Missing Piece.

    Fill in the blanks – Hollis Queens
    Things heat up when Yvette finds herself teamed up with her hero, Detective Scarlett Warren, in a race to uncover the previous night’s debauchery. Will they be able to sort through the booze-soaked clues from the party or will they be distracted by their growing passion?