Art and Soul

Two Tales of Rekindled Lust

by Scarlett Knight

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£ 1.32

ISBN: 9781781662182
  • Word count4,595
  • Page count10
  • IllustrationsNone
  • SeriesSexy Erotica

Reigniting the fiery flame of past love, the couples in these two short stories discover the unbridled power of rekindled lust. Read the tale of how two lovers reunite after a lifetime of separation, only to find their feelings for one another have not changed. Then witness the intimate scene of yet another couple, one whose initial relationship ended badly, but the intensity of their make-up promises to start a whole new chapter of fresh passion.

About the Author

Erotic author Scarlett Knight loves living life to the fullest. When she's not creating sensual stories, she enjoys reading all genres of literature. Always up for trying new things, she likes traveling the world, indulging in good food and wine, visiting art and history museums, and listening to an eclectic array of music—all of which inspire her writing. She currently lives in Texas with her husband. Knight appreciates all her readers and enjoys any opportunity to connect with them.