Between the Sheets – Lesbian Love

by Annabeth Leong

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ISBN: 9781785380808
  • Word count20,148
  • Page count65
  • IllustrationsNone

A collection of five fantastic sapphic stories
Perfect Stranger by Annabeth Leong
Gretchen arranges a no-strings-attached good time with a stranger-but realizes too late that she neglected to specify gender. The woman she’s been set up with, however, has a fetish for first-timers and is all too happy to show her the ropes.

Flick Chicks by Alison Wonderland
Flick Chicks tells the tale of two film lovers (and movie buffs). The flicks the chicks create are inspired by the stag films of the fifties famous for featuring the three B’s: bondage, backsides, and Bettie Page… as well as the occasional piece of equestrian equipment.

Aphrodite’s Exile by D.N. Esacarys
A beautiful Greek goddess causes terror as she starts the Trojan War. Her punishment; exile to an island inhabited only by women.

Curiosity Cured the Cat by Nicole Swann
Two lesbian lovers help their bi-curious housewife neighbor to get in touch with her sexuality by putting on a very personal and up-close sex show.

Heather Honey by Scarlett Rush
Lost in the rainswept heather of the Highlands, she finds refuge in a cottage owned by the person she would least expect to find there: a gorgeous red-headed cougar, all dressed up ready to seduce. It seems she has walked straight into the kind of scene one only finds in erotic tales. Surely her fantasy is about to come true? However, when Ailsa and Lexi also turn up, things take an unexpected turn…