Bride of the Revolution

by Bethany Amber

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ISBN: 9781783334988
  • Word count74,993
  • Page count214
  • IllustrationsNone

Grace, raven-haired and delicately voluptuous, is plucked from the Revolution-torn streets of Paris to be trained by Madame de Genlis, the mistress of Philipe, the Duke of Orleans. The training is strict and there are many occasions when Grace dreams of escape, but she is drawn into the decadence and sensuality of the court. Passive and compliant by nature, she cannot help but please those around her. Her beauty and submissive ways attract the attention of Lord Fitzpatrick, and she becomes his wife. Little does she know that her mysterious husband leads a dangerous double life into which she cannot help but become embroiled. Despite the spankings and humiliation Grace endures at the hands of aristos and revolutionaries alike, she remains unspoilt. Even on the steps of the guillotine her soft smile and revealing gown bring the mob to mesmerised silence. But will the mysterious stranger known as the Black Rose save her…?