Catch of the Night

When women evolve faster to the aquatic environment of a new world, drastic mating methods are required

by Roger Frank Selby

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ISBN: 9781849897327
  • Word count3,764
  • Page count13
  • IllustrationsNone

It is the night of Two Moons Passing – An important right-of-passage night fishing trip for Jude, a young boatman who has never seen a woman in his life. His is a simple fishing village with sailboats, but where are the women? The small population comes from boy babies, occasionally, and now very rarely found on the beach. The village is aging, dying.
On a waterworld with no continents, these are the sex-segregated descendents of the crew of a crashed starship where the women have genetically adapted faster to the aquatic conditions while the men lag behind. And on such a world, drastic mating methods are required!

About the Author

Former pilot Roger Frank Selby now pens erotica, science fiction, and action adventure, following a long career with British Airways flying 747s around the world. Published in dozens of anthologies and collections, Roger has also written single-author collections and stories up to novel length, often combing all three of his favourite writing genres, as in “Ice Commander.” ‘I find that erotica often goes very nicely with science fiction and action adventure – and that includes flying stories, of course! But the sexiest stories of all are the ones where the plot becomes secondary to the erotic tale. ‘Erotic writing is not all about graphic descriptions – it’s about what is going on in the minds of the protagonists – the crossing of boundaries, discovery, exploration and revelation.’ For more details visit Roger Frank Selby’s website on