Come Back to Me

by Scarlett Rush

£ 1.99

£ 2.65

ISBN: 9781783338580
  • Word count22,501
  • Page count64
  • IllustrationsNone

Imagine having the man of your dreams and then losing him. Minnie had him – a real-life hero. All the girls around wanted to prise him away, even the best friend who helped get her man in the first place. Despite his promises and proclamations of love, Minnie is sure she will lose him to those girls and their ruder imaginations unless she steps up her game. She resolves to give him what every man dreams of. Driving him towards the arms of another is a dangerous plan, especially for one who never felt in control of the relationship. Events take a dramatic turn and Minnie is left desperate for anything, any way that might reverse time and have him back with her again…

About the Author

New author Scarlett Rush began with short story inclusions in anthologies for Mischief Books. She then moved to Xcite, releasing the novella "OneFinal Night", along with her debut novel "Songs for Simple Hearts" plus the follow-up "Beautiful Shadows". She has joined the HofE stable to release her latest works: "Temptation close" a full-length novel and her longest work to date, plus "Come Back to Me", a novella.