Cornish Cream

by Steve Geoffreys

£ 2.99

£ 3.99

ISBN: 9781781662267
  • Word count56,093
  • Page count168
  • IllustrationsNone

Prepare yourself for an erotic roller-coaster of a read from the very first chapter in the novel Cornish Cream by Steve Geoffreys. In the story a lottery winning couple, Jeff and Sarah Stevenson rent a cottage in Cornwall, England for their first anniversary and to act out their own top ten sex fantasies on each other. But, when they arrive back home in London after their debauched week away a nasty surprise drops through their letterbox. The owner of the cottage, Lord Smedley has sent them a rather large bill that will rock their perfect world if they don’t pay up. It opens a can of worms and during the drama that ensues, surprises and revelations surface that bring on a final twist.

About the Author

Steve Geoffreys has been writing short stories and novels of the erotic genre with a crime/thriller/suspence theme since 1996. His debut novel the Hot Easter was published in 1998 by Citron press. He is currently working on a new novel the Medstow Maiden He is also re-writing his first novel and completing its sequel the Cruel Summer.