Dragon Candy Volume 2

Erotic adventures and torment in a world beyond our own

by Talia Skye

£ 3.99

£ 5.32

ISBN: 9781781660065
  • Word count85,012
  • Page count276
  • IllustrationsNone
  • SeriesDragon Candy

Candy explores the strange world of the “Kami” empire that she entered in Dragon Candy 1: Captured. Fully enslaved now she must go where her master takes her, and where her master takes her is ever deeper into realms of total subjugation. While the powerful elite of the empire plot the downfall of our world, Candy must confine herself to giving pleasure to whomever she is lent. Talia Skye continues to dazzle with her scenes of ingenious bondage and dominance whilst her strange alternative world is thrown into ever sharper focus. Worlds are set to collide and Candy’s love for her cruel master grows deeper with every submission he requires from her.

About the Author

Talia Skye is delighted to introduce you to the worlds and fantasies that she has envisioned, and hopes you find them as intoxicating as she does.