Dragon Candy Volume 3

Erotic adventures and torment in a world beyond our own

by Talia Skye

£ 3.99

£ 5.32

ISBN: 9781781660089
  • Word count76,273
  • Page count245
  • IllustrationsNone
  • SeriesDragon Candy

Candy’s situation goes from worse to terrifying in this, the third of the Dragon Candy post_titles. She is the pawn of immensely cruel and sophisticated immortals and caught up in their manoeuvrings as their empire prepares for war with our Earth. As the helpless captive of one warlord who is intent on betraying her beloved master, Candy is subjected to every level of servitude the Kami Empire requires from its slaves. From a living tomb of bondage and pain she is delivered to beasthood and its clever torments. She is even delivered into the hideously cruel and dreaded Underworld from which no slave has ever returned. But Candy’s destiny is stranger than any slave’s has ever been and as war is prepared around her, she sinks ever lower into utter degradation which only her master can save her from.

About the Author

Talia Skye is delighted to introduce you to the worlds and fantasies that she has envisioned, and hopes you find them as intoxicating as she does.