Dream World

by T.G. Haynes

£ 2.99$ 4.49

ISBN: 9781785383069
  • Word count62,100
  • Page count195
  • IllustrationsNone

At the outset of the novel, heroine, Kate Phillips, has an argument with her taciturn boyfriend, Alan Johnson. She is worried that Alan no longer loves her, because they haven’t made love for a considerable time. He refuses to discuss the matter, though and goes out drinking with his friends. Frustrated, Kate goes and plays squash with her best friend, Sylvia Simmons. After the game. Sylvia tries to tempt Kate to visit Dream World, a futuristic adult role play centre that allows visitors to experience dream fantasies in any time, any place and with anyone whom they desire. Initially, Kate refuses, but she changes her mind when she discovers Alan has been cheating on her. During her first trip to Dream World, Kate meets the charming owner, Richard Hampton. When Kate has a last minute attack of nerves – prior to her first dream trip – Richard offers to accompany her in order to show her how Dream World allows its visitors to harmlessly indulge in their wildest fantasies and desires. Once inside the dream, Kate cannot believe how realistic the experience feels. She is quickly hooked. Given that Kate fancies Richard, she secretly hopes that he will be able to accompany her on the second dream trip she takes. Unfortunately, he is unable to oblige. Instead, Kate sets her mind on making love to Richard the next time she visits. Richard is delighted at the prospect, but is unable to oblige as he is called away on a matter of security. Determined to enjoy herself, regardless of his absence, Kate takes a trip to Paris, where she is pleasured by the gorgeous Dexter, who she assumes, is a figment of her imagination. When Kate next visits Dream World she finds that Richard has implemented a number of changes. Kate doesn’t think anything of this until she begins to dream. Although she cannot quite put her finger on what is wrong, she suspects that Richard has been monitoring her dream. Whilst driving home that night, Kate encounters Dexter in the ‘real’ world. Much to her delight, he is every bit as good looking as his dream counterpart. Dexter explains to Kate that he is the true inventor of Dream World and that Richard stole the idea from him. He asks Kate if she will help him regain what is rightfully his. Kate readily agrees. Having tried, and failed, every legal avenue available, Dexter reluctantly tells Kate his plan to challenge Richard to a game of ‘Temptation’ Being a games nut, Richard agrees: on one condition. Kate must play the game on Dexter’s behalf. Under the rules of the game, Kate and Richard must face a number of tempting dream scenarios, the loser being the first one who gives in to the sexual fantasy they are faced with…

About the Author

Since graduating from University of Plymouth with an MA in Creative Writing, I have sold several short stories to multiple publishing houses, both adult and non-adult.