Earning Respect

Swinger Resort Manager

by Blair

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ISBN: 9781781660577
  • Word count42,682
  • Page count135
  • IllustrationsNone

Margot manages a failing resort on a private tropical island. When the owners demand she turn the business around or they will sell the island, her boyfriend, Jake, suggests contacting a magazine for swingers that runs vacation tours. Nichole, who owns the magazine flies down and makes a proposal for saving all their jobs. But for Margot, it is a two-edged sword. Her sex life with Jake is already faltering due to her insecurities, and the same fears might mean she gets left out of the new plan. Jake convinces her to try new sexual freedoms that might save her job and their relationship. With the help of Jake and some new friends, Margot learns what really constitutes respect, and how to unleash her passion while earning even more of it.

About the Author

Blair writes stories that explore and examine what it means to be human. The intensity of erotic and sexual interaction, the uncertainties inherent in intimate relationships is a focal point for understanding what drives and motivates people, what frightens them, and exploring those responses.