Eight Maids a-Milking

Two short stories of lust and lactation

by Kitti Bernetti

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ISBN: 9781781662526
  • SeriesMilking Erotica
  • Word count13,081
  • Page count44
  • IllustrationsNone

Eight Maids a-Milking

Captured in the desert, Lord Spencer Goldtop finds himself imprisoned…in the Sultan’s harem of delectable wives. But he hasn’t suffered the usual fate of any man who sees the wives naked – why wasn’t he executed on the spot? It is because the Sultan, temporarily incapacitated, cannot satisfy the desperate ladies. He decides Lord Goldtop must do the job whilst he and the palace eunuchs look on. Manfully, Lord Goldtop performs his duty with the voluptuous bosomy beauties, again and again and again. Along the way he discovers the excitement of milking the frustrated eager maids, developing talents of which he had only dreamed. But in doing so, can Lord Goldtop delight them and the Sultan enough to save his skin? Perfumed with exotic scents, hot with suppressed lust, this tale of voyeurism and oiled breasts will take you straight to the mysterious east without even having to leave your own bed.

The Captain and the Milkmaid

It is 1652 and Humility Chastaine is living a dangerous lie. Having escaped her life as a milkmaid, clipped her hair and dressed in boy’s clothes she has escaped on a four-masted schooner bound for the New World. Feisty and resourceful, can Humility keep up her deception among a ship-load of men? If they discover her secret she will surely be ravaged senseless. All life is here, and Humility witnesses some serious on board action among the lusty seafarers that both astonishes her and ignites her own passion. Will the cruel Captain Blarne with a scar sliced across his face discover and punish her for her lies? Action and suspense on the high seas leads to a stormy, steamy night of unbridled passion where the milkmaid is more than happy to be milked.

About the Author

Kitti Bernetti lives in London sampling all the delights of that varied playground. A one time burlesque dancer she has published dozens of short stories and a number of novellas. Kitti writes in many genres of erotica - historical, sci fi, crime, contemporary. She says, shamelessly stealing an old ad phrase, 'I love writing erotica. It can take you any time, any place, anywhere.' When not sweating at her word processor, Kitti can be found in the coffee shops of Soho stuffing her face with cake and pretending to think up ideas for new stories.