Executive Sweetie

by Carolyn Foulkes

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ISBN: 9781783337538
  • Word count11,422
  • Page count41
  • IllustrationsNone

Women enter business careers to climb the ladder as men have done. And this is where they’re challenged – in business and in love. Men succeed because they’re likeable and aggressive. But when a woman is beautiful and assertive, her sex works against her: They’re called bitchy, and if they’re likeable, they’re dismissed as sex symbols.

Three tales penetrate the lives of women working trying to reconcile their careers with the requests, demands and offers of attractive and dominant men. Should they – will they? – offer their most intimate possessions of heart and body to satisfy their inner desires while lubricating their long term goals?

Sex and intimacy are poker chips in the towers of commerce. Often, this is the only currency that offers fulfillment of all desires.