Fun in the Sun

A House of Erotica Collection

by H.L. Lola

£ 1.99

£ 2.65

ISBN: 9781783337774
  • Word count24,205
  • Page count78
  • IllustrationsNone

Five sizzling hot tales set in the beautiful sun. Whether the rain is pouring down or you’re sunning yourself up by the pool, these shorts will make you want to strip off and cool down.

Private Eyes by H.L. Lola
Mia is an overworked ad designer who wins a much-needed weekend trip to a tropical paradise. Once there, she takes advantage of the sizzling break, losing all her inhibitions.
Nick, a paramedic in one of the busiest cities in the world also wins a trip to the same tropical resort. After spotting a feisty woman in the water, his carnal desires are ignited.
Thousands of miles from home, but only a cabin apart, Mia and Nick would each discover their fun in the sun would change them forever.

Vanilla Ice by Viva Jones
Although she’s loving the long French Riviera summer, Kelly’s life is far from perfect. Her romance with French entrepreneur Pascal has melted like the ice-creams he’s got her selling to the yachts in the bay, but without him she’s both unemployed and homeless. Then her boat breaks down in the path of Australian hunk Greg’s yacht. With nothing but the sun and a chill-box of ice-creams for company, the two quickly find a way of getting both steamed-up and cooled down, and Kelly’s life will never be the same again…

From the Beach to the Prison Bus by Sybil Rush
Two friends, Amy and June, are on vacation when they get bored and decide to flash the convicts on the prison bus. Before they know it, they find themselves on the bus, getting intimately involved with a bunch of hardened criminals.

It Takes Two by V.C.
A husband and wife take a vacation to Jamaica. They meet a newly wedded couple where they all indulge on exhibitionism, voyeurism, swinging, and an underwater blowjob.

A Hot Afternoon by G.R. Grayson
A holiday begins with an afternoon where it’s not just the weather that’s hot, as watching a beautiful woman sunning and pleasuring herself in the apartment below turns into an encounter that fulfils my desires.