Hot Hits

Blowing Her Trumpet

by Harry Blue

£ 1.99

£ 2.65

ISBN: 9781781660850
  • Word count40,179
  • Page count129
  • IllustrationsNone

Roger enjoys sex with a mature lady staying at his parents’ guest house, then more sex with Sue, who plays in a local seaside silver band. They frolic in the sand, on the back seat of a minibus, and in a Belgian hotel. Meanwhile, Roger’s parents aren’t left out – they have mature sex standing up in a huge walk-in shower. Club Sadist is a venue for torture and murder, with Roger ending in chains on the stage, ready to be sacrificed. He’s the hero, so he should, surely, survive? Barbara the hitwoman is a ruthless killer, Cedric a pathetic loser, and meet Club Sadist’s master of ceremonies, Ace.

About the Author

Harry has been writing fiction for years, but only recently come to erotica. His first book, Hot Vegas, was an instant hit, this is the second, and watch out for Hot MILF, the next in the series. As an ex-hotelier, he will also be writing Hot Hotel. He also writes humour under the name Harry Pope, the first book was How Not to Run a Hotel, which is available to buy on Kindle and to download on pdf. Also look out for children’s’ book, The Brick Monster, a series of stories about a character who lives under the pavement by the seaside. Harry is married to Pam, Ruby anniversary in April 2013 – yes, he knows the date. Their secret to a happy marriage? They laugh together. Loving family, with Auntie Joan, daughter Ann and son in law Martin, and grand daughters Tilly, Clemmie, and Lissy.