by Jillian Boyd

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ISBN: 9781785382727
  • Word count24,731
  • Page count85
  • IllustrationsNone

The future’s bright – the future’s erotic!

Human by Jillian Boyd

When disenchanted robotics engineer Kit Calhoun is called to the office of scientist George Adaire, she gets an offer she finds hard to refuse: assist him with an experiment which has the potential to improve lives.

Book People by Jessica Taylor
“Book People” is the story of a know-it-all young woman born into a traveling library. Set in a post-apocalyptic world after books were digitalized, a new traveling companion helps the protagonist discover a new genre of literature in which to specialize in for her clan.

Virtual Love or Lust by Jim Lyon
Virtual Love or Lust? is a BDSM-themed short story set in 2051 that recounts from a first-person point of view the experiences of a wannabe female submissive who explores the darker side of her sexuality via a virtual reality program tailored to her fantasies?

The Inventor Wore High Heels by John Bauer
An exotic PHD cannot arouse her prize humanoid on the eve of the annual erotic robot competition. She suspects foul play from a well-endowed main rival. Can she prove anything in time for the contest or will she be frustrated – both professionally and physically?

The L Words by Helen J Perry
When pan galactic travel became a normal event, after contact was established with other planets, male attention was captured by the exotic libidians, a species with a very sexy reputation. Beryl has a strategy to survive in these difficult times but will Vern, the mysterious stranger, fall for her telluric charms?