Institute of Correction

Erotic adventures and torment in a world beyond our own

by Talia Skye

£ 5.99

£ 7.99

ISBN: 9781781660232
  • Word count74,257
  • Page count235
  • IllustrationsNone

A beautiful woman is held in an asylum having been found lost, wandering and naked. She is taken under the wing of the sinister doctor Varata and his fetishistic trio of nurses. She is treated to an intense regime of bondage, stimulation and punishment. As she sinks deeper into a world of slavery and submission, so her memory slowly begins to return until finally she must make a terrible choice. A choice that will seal the fates of countless millions of people. Ingenious bondage, sex and punishment scenes overlay a stunning plot that encompasses the fate of the entire world.

About the Author

Talia Skye is delighted to introduce you to the worlds and fantasies that she has envisioned, and hopes you find them as intoxicating as she does.