Into the Blue

Love and Lust in the Tropics

by Gemma Jones

£ 2.99

£ 3.99

ISBN: 9781782345503
  • Word count21,882
  • Page count67
  • IllustrationsNone

On the first day of his visit to a sleepy Pacific Island Jared meets a mysterious woman, Nicola, on the beach. The two of them waste no time in getting to know each other intimately. But there is something about this woman that Jared can’t quite put his finger on. The mystery deepens when Jared meets the vivacious Tania. Together the two women entrance and entice Jared; leading him to explore an idyllic fantasy world. Will their fantasy last forever or will Jared’s past catch up with him?

About the Author

Gemma Jones is a happily married mother who lives a somewhat dual life. Her day to day persona cleans the house, helps out with her husband's business, bakes and cares for her children while she completes a Secondary Education degree. Her closet, 'sex geek' persona has led her to explore human sexuality, group sex, swinging, being bisexual and the softer side of the BDSM world both online and in person. Gemma started blogging as a means of sharing her ideas, fantasies and experiences with the rest of the world. Her blog features short fictitious stories, other articles recounting particular experiences she has had during her 'Erotic Adventures' and some opinions on various aspects of swinging. Gemma has contributed frequently to swinging forums and published one or two articles on swinging websites both in Australia and the US. She started writing longer works to flesh out some of the scenarios she described in her blog posts and as a way of allowing her characters to develop more fully.