Loving the Headsman’s Daughter

A Medieval Romance Fantasy

by Oscar Manta

£ 2.99$ 4.52

£ 3.99

ISBN: 9781785381966
  • Word count58,640
  • Page count166
  • IllustrationsNone

Spicy first person narrative of young Frenchman in sixteenth century. Violent and gruesome scenes as well as sexual content. Depicts love affair between the young man and a mysterious woman who turns out to be much more complex than first anticipated. As he discovers, her familily’s means of earning a living bring about a tumultuous relationship which ultimately results in a happy, but unorthodox conclusion.

About the Author

Two published novels in real name (John Funke) Both are published by Itoh Press in US. TheGolden Island and Ordeal at the Old Ivy Oak. This current novel is my first attempt at erotica.