Maid for Milking

by Vanessa de Sade

£ 1.99

£ 2.65

ISBN: 9781783339938
  • Word count15,656
  • Page count53
  • IllustrationsNone

It’s 1939.  The Great Depression still ravages the Kansas plains, and young Lizzie Ljunggren has just given birth.  But, fecund and full-breasted – and possessed of the sweetest milk in all the state – it isn’t long before Lizzie’s in the service of the black-veiled Mistress, owner of a mysterious organisation called The Farm, which lists human milk as one of its many ‘services.’

About the Author

Vanessa de Sade is a forty-something full-figure gal who likes to write hot stories about real women exploring the darker regions of their own sexuality. She is a regular contributor to anthologies, plus is the author of the solo story collections Black & White Movies; Nude Shots; In the Forests of the Night and Tales from a Tangled Bush.