Margaret’s Awakening

by Ted Brandwood

£ 3.99$ 5.19

£ 5.99
$ 9.99

ISBN: 9781785387371
  • Word count33,960

It tells the tale of Margaret Blake, a thirty-something intelligent hedonist trapped in a dull marriage. Margaret relieves her boredom by flirting outrageously with her husband’s male friends, so provoking desires she has no intention of satisfying. Until, that is, she meets Andrew Burton, a cynical womaniser who doesn’t take no for an answer, the effect is life changing. Unknown to Margaret, this is no chance encounter. Burton has agreed with a group of men, led by a man called David English, seeking to avenge years of frustration, to prepare her for payback time.

Captivated by Burton, she leaves her husband and moves in with her lover. With the help of his unconventional parents, Burton educates Margaret into a new way of life, in which she comes to terms with her own sensuality and deeper needs, both physical and psychological.