Pony Girl Tales – The Collection

by Peter Birch

£ 4.99

£ 6.65

ISBN: 9781781661086
  • Word count43,046
  • Page count141
  • IllustrationsNone

The Pony-Girl Tales anthology collects Peter and Penny Birch’s three saucy tales of roleplay, domination and more than a little over-the-knee fun.

It’s 1985, in an England that never existed but perhaps should have done. Spankings are regular, and the beautiful Susanna is familiar with having her bottom smacked, but not with the depravities her husband’s wicked uncle demands of her. With no choice but to agree, she’s soon naked and in harness as the old lecher’s personal pony-girl, with her husband driving her in a race across country in which she is forced to abandon all dignity.

When Annabelle Kitteridge hides in an attic to escape the shame of a spanking she finds an old cart. Unable to resist playing with it, she soon has her brest friend in harness, but what starts out as a playful game leads to all sorts of trouble, most of it involving the application of implements to her bare bottom, and it gets worse.

About the Author

Peter and Penny Birch must be among the world's most prolific authors of erotica, with over 100 post_titles between them as well as numerous short stories and articles. Susanna's Run goes back to their early days and their first love, pony-play, with a vivid fantasy drawn from real experience.