Sarah’s Sexploits – Saturday

Sarah and her handsome Frenchman Emil escape the city.

by K T Red

£ 1.99

£ 2.65

ISBN: 9781782342168
  • Word count15,944
  • Page count49
  • IllustrationsNone
  • SeriesSarah's Sexploits

Emil’s seaside hideaway gives our lovers the chance for some extremely naughty (and noisy!) sex. Barriers are lowered even further and they each open up a little more about their past. Sarah learns of a tragic accident in Emil’s past which has kept him from becoming emotionally involved with a woman – until he met the one woman he knew would understand and love him anyway. Sexy fun in the sea and confessions about their deepest sexual desires and fantasies take them both on a voyage on self discovery, Emil’s desire for her pushing Sarah to the edge of her tolerance – and beyond! And that’s only Saturday!

About the Author

KT Red is the writer of erotic stories featuring her wonderfully misbehaving "heroine" Sarah and her assorted lovers. Her stories are erotic, highly charged and emotional with characters that are real, believable people - flaws and all. Not all her stories end up as planned as her characters begin take on a life of their own. If you're after nice, sugary sweet and cosy romance, you're in the wrong place! But that's not to say that Sarah won't find true love - just not quite yet.