The Copper Horse

Two Erotic Short Stories of Desire, Longing and Romance

by Vina Green

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ISBN: 9781781662243
  • Word count9,519
  • Page count33
  • IllustrationsNone
  • SeriesFetish Erotica

Two spectacular short stories from Vina Green. One BDSM-centric, another sapphic. Whilst this may seem like a strange mix of genres, both stories are tied together with both the common theme of employer/employee romance and the bittersweet nonpareil of Vina’s writing.

The Copper Horse:
When a young student accepts a summer job, cleaning for a sophisticated and reclusive older man, she could never have anticipated the path down which her body and mind will take her as he tests her submission to its limits. He loves the smell of leather, and she loves to give him what he wants. Pain and pleasure collide in this subtle story about lust, longing and power play.

The Orchard:
A young woman learns to unlock her own pleasure and fulfil the desires of another when she enjoys her first lesbian encounter – with her employer. Their forbidden romance reaches an unexpected climax in this short coming of age story set within the sweet confines of an apple orchard.

About the Author

Vina Green is an erotic writer and performer living in London. She enjoys writing about the subtleties of sex, short stories full of provocative prose and dark desires. When she's not arousing an audience, or typing tawdry tomes, Vina applies her word processing skills to her day job in the City, where she works as a secretary within a large organisation that shall remain nameless. With a predilection for high-heels and pencil skirts, Vina could be any high class administrator. Perhaps she's in your office right now. But, Vina Green is a secretary with a secret - she has a very dirty mind, and she's not afraid to use it. You can find out more about Vina, and follow her writing on her blog: