The Initiation of Master Robert

The first volume of the scandalous memoirs of the famous Victorian Casanova

by Sebastian Charles

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ISBN: 9781781662328
  • Word count50,337
  • Page count143
  • IllustrationsNone

The novel traces the early sexual life of Lord Robert Lance from his early sexual initiations to the more confident seductions of the young Victorian Casanova. In the course of the novel, Robert not only loses his virginity to a buxom maid but has his wicked way with, among others, two luscious housemaids, a prim governess, and his brothers seductive wife. In getting an education at the rectory where his disapproving father sends him, young Master Robert also seduces the young voluptuous daughter of the local merchant. Set in the 1850s, Master Robert is initiated into the various pleasures of the flesh.